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Bahai Rochester's Journal

13th July, 2007. 9:48 pm. flyer(omnamahshivaya)

Here is a flyer I just made for local coffee shop with two coupons for food. I bartered a lot of their great gourmet food for it! yum! print out and use the coupons too!

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8th July, 2007. 6:13 pm. save the earth, al gore(omnamahshivaya)


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23rd July, 2006. 8:40 pm. third eye awake(omnamahshivaya)

This is a copy of the image I gave to Dr. Gandhi as a welcoming gift:

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23rd July, 2006. 11:40 am. Gandhi's Grandson Event at Baha'i Center(omnamahshivaya)

Last night was an amazing event! The Jain and Indian Society sponsored the event along with the Baha'is at the Baha'i Center to welcome Gandhi's Grandson to Rochester officially! We Chief of Police was there, and he stated he has been studying the Baha'i Faith for 20 years! Wow! He was just enstated as police chief a month ago. And Assemblyman David Koon came for political representation and also introduced Gandhi... he had the Baha'i host Carl Appleton, then the Indina Jain guy, then the police chief and then the assemblyman introduce him! Then he talked, and he was told by an audience memeber that he sounded like his grandfather. He told a story about how his grandfather decided to sell his signature for five Rubies to raise money for something, and he had tried to sneak his own book into the pile to get his grandfathers signature, and his grandfather said no, that he needs to earn the money and notjust get it from his parents if he wants his signature, and he was deternmined to get it free since it was his granfather and they had this little thing going on and one and how he would go into diplomatics meetings where grandfather was talking politics and he thought he could nag him into giving a signautre, but grandfather just held him close to his chest and put his hand over his mouth and the meeting would continue as thought the boy was not in the room! He was assainated before he could get his signautre. This in itself made me feel extremely sad for this man up there talking...... ironice,because I went to him before he talked,and I gave a copy of my third eye awake drawing and told him thank you for coming to the Baha'i Center, and he was confused for a moment and asked if I wante himto sign it,and i said, no it's for you as a thank you, it's my art, but you could sign this book that you wrote! which he did. fair exchange in my mind.then he gives this talk about signatures! At least I bartered a drawing! I then proceeded to snap photo after photo of the event as it unfolded. I missed my call to be a journalist! I love photodocumenting events! Any ways, I aplologized to him in the middle of it all for being annoying.... I know it is to be photographed... my dad taught me that when I was growing up and he followed me all over the place and snapped photos of me all over the place...... annoying. At opne point I was asked to snape a group photo, which I was more than happy to do, and the Assemblyman was in it as well. I am goingto uplad the photos to the www.rochesterbahai.net site for our local members to see the event. It was announced last night that the M.k. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence is going to reloacte from Tennysee to Rochester New Yok and the goal is to make Rochester the "City of Peace" in the whole of USA! I am so out of my mind psyched!!!!! All photos about to be seen, including the one I posted last nihgt, are copyright Evelyn Cammarano 2006 and reproduction of any of them without my permission is against my wishes and legally not sound, so, please let me know if you want to copy them and I need credit. I need to be given credit so I can have credit and network, friends!

Photographs from the Baha'i Center of Gandhi's GrandsonCollapse )

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22nd July, 2006. 12:10 am. news report on Yahoo(omnamahshivaya)

courtesy of posting previously by marco_oliveira


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21st July, 2006. 11:48 pm. happy discovery tonight!(omnamahshivaya)

new site in Rochester! I am psyched! http://rochesterbahai.net/index.php
I love it!

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18th July, 2006. 3:34 pm. bahai info being taught in denglish community!(omnamahshivaya)

check out this teaching!

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17th July, 2006. 12:10 pm. help us find Baha'is in Europe?(omnamahshivaya)

I am trying to find a way to contact Baha'is in Europe so we can visit them when we are over there. I am going to Vienna, Austria (Wien, Osterrich) August 3 to August 27 with my 17 year old son who is no religion at the moment. I want to make an impact on him on how universal the Faith is and impress him when we are there.... a positive experience for him. We do an art seminar in Reichenau, Austria for the three weeks. We study with Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Michael Fuchs, and we are visited by hopefully Ernst Fuchs, his father, and De Es Schwertberger, all of the School of Fantastic Realism Ernst Fuchs founded. It is similar to surrealism, but more mystical and spiritual and visionary. We want to go see museums as much as possible too. Baha'is who are artists are especially interesting to us. Please send any contact info to us. Our resources are very limited. Any one on LJ in Germany, Austria, or France please contact us. Our plane does a layover in Paris, but we have to go immediately to the next flight. I am thinking of getting a Europass, but even that is expensive. I have a goal of seeing the Louve, and it would be cool to see Berlin and Munich and Salzburg. An LJ friend from Barvaria who is not a Baha'i wants to meet us in Salzburg...... we might do this. I want to meet Baha'is in Europe to get a European perspective on things from Baha'is. I have been involved in the Faith since 1984 when I was 14 at the Rosenfeld's home here in Rochester NY. Thank you for any contacts. Any help in getting around cheaply is appreciated too. I do not want to miss the seminar that much, so , if any one wants to visit Reichenau at the hotel Marionhof to see us artists, please do! My free time is mostly weekends and evenings..... The hotel has a computer in the lobby that can be accessed. I will post my cell too or send it email to any one who wants it for contacting us. I am a native of Rochester, NY, did my BFA (fine art printmaking) at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and my MFA (computer animation) at Rochester Institute of Technology. I work in the public school system as a teacher's aide. My son is going to be a senior next year.

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15th July, 2006. 10:09 pm. next Saturday, Gandhi's grandson!(omnamahshivaya)

Well, my coworker called as I was calling her to tell me she couldn't make it. she said don't drink too much, and I told her we don't drink at these events, it is religious and I'm a good girl.She laughed.

I saw old friends... I used to hang out with them when Elliot was a baby with her babies. She is a vegen. She and her husband just came back from Haifa Israel visiting the World Center Universal House of Justice.... They still have jet lag, and he was telling me he had spititual/mystical experiences there: He felt energy going up his legs from the ground and a presence in the Shrine of the Bab, and he also could smell roses in the place where Baha'u'llah was buried as he walked into the place alone, and he said it got stronger and stronger as he approached where Bab'u'llah was buried. I think this is what he said. They told me how bautiful it is, and they were on a waiting list for five years to go, and that it is in layers of gardens and it goes down to the sea..... and he kept having these feelings of presence and mystical things.... I believe it too! I have had similar things happen to me in Reichenau last year..... the entity of light with many eyes, feeling my third eye open, the crown chaktra open, energies.... visions of light....I was praying a lot there. Prayer attracts spiritual energies, no doubt! this happened right after they left... Haifa was bombed: http://community.livejournal.com/ljbahai/405498.html?view=2107386#t2107386

I was pleasant and relaxing. My friend, Merle , did not show up. But I showed my paintings to my other friends. I had a hot dog, potato salad, pesto noodles, a vegen potato salad, cherries, peanuts, totilla chips, green tea iced, and it was very pleasant. The Gardens behind the Baha'i Center are very beautiful and tranquil. They announced about next week, and the Jain society and the Hindus are hosting it and bringing only vegetarian food, and an assemblyman is also introducing Mr. Gandhi before he gives his talk! I am psyched! I want to invite every one!!!!! Like Rick and my poetry friends! All those in Rochester reading my post pass it on! I will be there definitely!

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12th July, 2006. 5:24 pm.(omnamahshivaya)


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